Response to Rick Reilly, RE: Brett Favre versus Aaron Rodgers

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Brett Favre and Aaron Rodgers
Brett Favre and Aaron Rodgers

I knew I would get around to writing about sports, but I just didn’t know when.  The day has come.  ESPN’s Rick Reilly has decided to celebrate Thanksgiving by offering up a TURKEY of a slanted column bashing Brett Favre (  I wrote a response, but I doubt he will post it in his ‘mailbag’.  So, dear reader, here is my take on the ‘piece’.

RE: Favre/Rodgers.

Wow Rick, I disagree with your adulating column.  Rodgers is definitely a great QB, but you need better perspective.  He’s not better than Favre yet, and isn’t likely to ever become greater.  Here are a few reasons:

#1) Video Game Football Rules: I’d like to see how Rodgers would do back in the day when defenses were actually able to defend.  Seriously, today’s rules are so pro-offense that the game really resembles a video game rather than FOOTBALL.

#2) Iron Man: There is a good chance that Rodgers will never play in half as many games as Favre has.  Much less be able to put together any kind of starting streak that would compare.

#3) Learning From A Legend: You have to give Favre some credit for Rodgers’ successes.  Nothing like having one of the top QB’s of all time to learn from.

#4) Judge Value Correctly: Yes, Rodgers is doing well, but you can’t even begin to say that he is better than Favre overall.  There’s a reason that Favre has three MVP trophies.  Because he was the league’s MOST VALUABLE PLAYER three different years.  When Rodgers has four of those MVP trophies, then you can start squawking about who is better.  You don’t need a calculator to know that 3 > 0.

#5) Respect: Favre is one of the absolute best football players to play the game – EVER.  Not just an all-time great QB.  Say what you want about the retiring/un-retiring routine.  Anyone with half a brain knows that Favre just wanted some rest in the off-season in his later years.  He earned it.  I’m not sure if there has ever been someone who loved to play football more than Favre.  He wasn’t retiring each year.

#6) Clutch Play: Ask any NFL coach who they would rather have come in from scratch, walk in off the street, step in and play a big-time game with no prep time?  I’m pretty sure every one of them would pick Favre – even an OLD Favre.

Sorry about your man-crush on Rodgers.  I’m not saying Aaron Rodgers isn’t an excellent QB, but you do both him and Brett Favre a disservice by writing such a poor excuse for a column.  Time will tell.  Rodgers may not even last very long – even playing under the benefit of the new pro-offense, “don’t touch the quarterback” Flag Football rules.

- Joe

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Yes, Let’s Go! (New Poem from October 3, 2011)

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Allons ‘y

Frolicking in newness, wavesWhat will we do here at the end of the World
Where the water splashes
The gulls cry and memories wash through?
To sing, smile and cry along . . .
Yes, let’s go.

New Worlds await with new songs, laughter,
Love, loss, pain and ecstasy.
Bring on the new barrage
Let it relieve the nagging of the past.
Yes, let’s go.

Dashing into the waves
Running like valiant steeds
Break again and again
Collision, immersion, thrown back on the beach.
Yes, let’s go.

Joseph Wooldridge
Wednesday, September 21st, 2011 @1:55am.

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The Eternal King (a short story)

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*// Author’s Note: Story originally penned in late January, 1994. //*

Jack sat in the blue plastic chair, one of a long row of ugly, uncomfortable, blue plastic The comfort of the blue plastic chairchairs. Occasionally, Jack squirmed in the chair in an effort to make himself a little more comfortable, as his eyes strained at the video screen.

“Shit, shit, and more shit.” Jack said, switching through the channels.

After checking his watch, Jack realized that his lunch break was nearing an end. Jack stood up, clicked off the television, and exited Gate 99, on his way back to the Purgatory Judgment Omniplex, Jack stopped into the men’s room to have a smoke. Jack looked at his reflection framed with the curling cigarette smoke, and he still could not get over it.

“I guess I look pretty good, don’t I,” said Jack, smiling at his reflection, “not bad for being dead.”

Jack further studied his reflection. He really enjoyed the fact that the scar on his face was gone, one of the only things that he considered to be good about the afterlife, no blemishes. Noticing the scruff on his face, Jack grabbed the wall-mounted electric razor, and began to shave. The razor was a Norelco 950. How Norelco got the contract to supply razors here was a mystery to Jack, but here they were nonetheless. Checking his watch again, Jack finished shaving, put out his cigarette and left the restroom.

The majority of the residents of Purgatory worked in the judgment division, as did Jack, Work consisted of sitting in a small office cubicle, about the size afforded to temps at large firms, and scrolling via computer monitor through both the good deeds and the sins of those individuals who appeared close to the borderline of going to the bad place. Once familiar with the good and bad elements of each individual’s case, each ‘judge’ is to offer his judgment on the matter with supporting argument, and include a proposed judgment.

As a rule of thumb, people were given the benefit of the doubt, although no one was allowed to pass judgment on their friends or loved ones, thus preventing preferential treatment.

Jack arrived at his cubicle, slid his “Purgatory Express” card through the time creditor, and resumed his work. The work wasn’t without its rewards. Jack was often touched by good deeds, as he was both Intrigued and disgusted by the bad ones. During the first few months on the job, Jack was continually surprised by the things that people do. The sex and violence that he saw at his job made the stuff on television lame by comparison.

Another perk to working in the judgment division was that they were afforded to peek into the near futures of each individual, so that their judgment files would he ready if they died unexpectedly. Initially, this confused Jack, because he did not understand how something unexpected could happen if they could already see into the future. After a chat with his supervisor, Jack figured out that there was a basic plan for Earthly events, but that sometimes they are altered for various reasons. After work, Jack went down to the entertainment district. The neon sign above the nightclub read “ALEXANDER’S BABYLONIAN BAR & GRILL” Alexander’s was Jack’s favorite haunt, as he often met his co-workers there to relax, enjoy a drink, and discuss their day’s caseload.

Although it had been nearly two years that Jack had spent in purgatory, he was reminded of his death every time he entered Alexander’s.

Jack joined the crowd that was entering the bar, as he had done many times before. Just inside the entrance were three teller machines. Jack reached into his wallet, pulled out his Purgatory Express card, and inserted it into the machine.

The Purgatory Express Card

The Purgatory Express card enabled the user to check the status of their account, credit it, or charge something to it. Rather than having a monetary balance in one’s account, the account that Purgatory Express offers deals with the length of one’s stay. As each day goes by, one day is subtracted from each individual’s account. When a person finally reaches an even balance, they are issued a ticket on the next flight out. The problem that many run into is the fact that each time the person indulges in an earthly vice, their stay in purgatory is prolonged. For example, a pack of cigarettes or cover charge at Alexander’s will extend one’s visit for another day.

The teller machine notified Jack that he still had accommodations in Purgatory for another 287 days. After making two more entries, the total went up to 289 days. The machine then dispensed one pack of Marlboro cigarettes and a rainbow-colored arm band. He finished his transaction, frowned at the new total, and retrieved his card.

Jack put on the arm band, put his wallet back in his pocket, and went straight to the bar. Jack winced as he glanced over at Elvis on the stage, crooning “Love Me Tender” as he had done on a hundred nights before. He had previously been the house act at a different establishment in the entertainment district, but had gotten kicked out after getting drunk and shooting all of the television sets. Somehow he had worked out a permanent gig at Alexander’s, sans pistol. Every night that he came in there and saw Elvis made him further inclined to frequent a different club.

“Hi Jack, how are you?”

“Just lovely Ray,” said Jack, “scotch and water, please.”

“You sure you don’t want to try our shot, the Nancy Kerrigan Knee Slammer?” said Ray.

“No thanks, just a scotch and water,”

Dallas Morning NewsIn addition to the drink, Jack bought a copy of the Dallas Morning News so as to keep up with events in his old hometown. The Dallas Cowboys had just won their second Super Bowl In a row, and he had not been there to see either one of them. Jack’s thoughts wandered back to the night of his death. The memory was fuzzy. He had been at a sports bar watching a Cowboys game. Jack remembered being pissed off because the cowboys had lost, and he had lost a lot of money betting on the game. In an effort to soothe his mood, Jack decided to have a few more drinks. After leaving the bar, Jack sensed that he was heavily intoxicated. His vision was poor, and his reflexes were very poor. The road became treacherous, and Jack didn’t remember much more, except that it was hard to stay on the road.

“Fucking drunk drivers, huh, Ray?”

“Yeah Jack, whatever,” Ray said. “Need another?”



After not making the curve, Jack remembered being jostled around, then darkness, then waking up in a crowded passenger airliner.

“Can I get you something to drink, sir?” asked the stewardess. “What?” said Jack.

“Would you like a drink?” repeated the stewardess. “What the fuck is this, and where the hell am I at?” asked Jack. “Not in Hell, sir,” said the stewardess. “Perhaps you should read your pamphlet, it may explain things.”

Jack looked down at the silver and blue pamphlet in his lap, it was entitled: Purgatory: Living in the Hereafter. Checking his surroundings, Jack realized that he was dressed for the occasion; He was dressed in a regal black tuxedo, with a blue cummerbund and tails. Looking through his pockets, Jack found his wallet, his engraved Zippo lighter, and a new pack of cigarettes. Jack would have felt extremely dapper considering his attire, but the few handfuls of dirt that had been thrown on him ruined the effect.

Jack brushed at the dirt on his sleeves, pocketed the pamphlet, and ordered coffee. The plane arrived at Purgatory International Airport soon after he had finished his second cup. As Jack and the others filed off the plane and into the jetway, a flight attendant greeted each person with a friendly smile and a handbill.

“Welcome to Purgatory, we hope your stay is enlightening.”

Alexander's Babylonian Bar & Grill

Jack paused for a moment, looked at the flier, and then decided to move along. The flier was for a free evening at “ALEXANDER’S BABYLONIAN BAR AND GRILL.” Jack pocketed the coupon, lit up a smoke, and headed off in the direction of the bar.


Jack got his drink, and proceeded to the table where a few of his co­workers were gathered, and sat down in the seat that his friend had saved for him. Jack noticed that his friend was looking troubled.

“What can I do for you, Stan?” asked Jack.

“Jack, I’ve got some bad news for you.” said Stan. “It’s about your brother.”

Jack and Stan had an arrangement that they would do their best to keep each other informed about the lives of their respective family and friends. Although such an arrangement was against the rules, many people shared the information anyway.

“What’s the deal, has he gotten himself in trouble again?”

“Big trouble,” said Stan. “I’ve got to give a final review on him, because he will be dead in two days.”

Jack stared into his drink as he digested the news. Of his entire family, he was mainly concerned with his younger brother, Marc. Jack felt bad that Marc was going to die, but it seemed to him that it would be nice to see his brother again.

“Do you know which flight he’s coming in on?”

“That’s the bad part, Jack.” said Ray. “It doesn’t look like he’ll be coming here.”


Somehow Jack convinced Stan to show him the file on his brother. Currently, his brother was on track for an extended vacation in Purgatory, but the glimpse of the next two days revealed that his brother was to be shot to death by a police officer. Apparently, the officer had witnessed him committing arson, and had shot him when he had refused the order to freeze.

By researching the file, Jack learned that his brother had set fire to his warehouse property in the downtown district in order to collect the insurance money. However, unbeknownst to Marc, there were a group of five homeless people who had been living in the back of the warehouse, who were to perish in the fire. It was the incidental deaths which were to weigh heavily against Marc.

“Stan, there has to be something we can do. He had no idea that those people were in there.”

“Jack, I can’t interfere because I am one of the ones judging his file, and you can’t go and save his life because he is your brother, and they will find out how you obtained access to his file, and we’ll both be in very deep shit.”

“Look, help me get down there somehow. You’ve been here for a long time, and if anybody knows how to pull this off, I’m sure you would know who it is.” said Jack.

“Hold on, Jack. You don’t want to mess with this. There is a great penalty for messing with the given plan. Besides, there is a slim chance that he will be given the benefit of the doubt in this.” said Stan.

“It’s worth it to me, Stan.’ said Jack. “I’ll take the chance, and whatever punishment, because I know I could never be happy if he were condemned to such a horrible existence.”

“I’ll try to help you, Jack. I really will. You’ve just got to understand that you can’t directly influence with your brother’s fate, and that it is 99.9% likely that you will be found out. You know that the Big Guy very rarely misses things.”


Closing time at Alexander’s found Stan and Jack at the back of the bar. The other patrons had left, and Ray was locking up, and turning out the lights. Elvis stretched out a couch on the back wall with a bottle of Kentucky Gentleman and a peanut-butter sandwich.

Stan had explained the situation to Ray, who had sent note to Alexander himself to explain the situation, and Jack’s request.

Ray finished up, went to the back room, and returned a short while later.

“Alexander will see you now.” said Ray.

Ray led them through the back room, down a few flights of stairs, and finally into a dim smoky office. Jack was surprised to find that this was THE Alexander – Alexander the Great – whom was now seated with his feet on his desk, chomping on a Cuban cigar. He did not appear to be much older than Jack, yet had existed over two thousand years longer.Alexander The Great In Battle

“Welcome,” he said, “How do you like the place?”

Jack and Stan stood in amazement, unable to speak. Finally, Jack found the words with which to explain the nature of his request,

“Surely you are able to do this, considering that the supplies for your establishment come from Earth.” said Jack.

Alexander laughed for a moment, “What is it worth to you?”

“I’ll do anything you ask, just get me there.” replied Jack.

“If I grant you this boon, then you must stay here and work for me for the next 1,000 years, or until Armageddon, Whichever comes first. Agreed?”

“Fine” said Jack.

“Although it’s not as easy as it once was,” said Alexander. “I used to enjoy greater freedom to return to Earth for supplies for my establishment. But recently they have become more strict even with me about who may make the trip in order to restock the shelves.”

“What does all this mean?” replied Jack,

“It means,” said Alexander, “that the only person I can send for supplies these days is Elvis!”


Jack ducked as he boarded the Earth-bound flight. Everything looked funny through his thick rose-colored sunglasses, and he felt like the world’s biggest asshole wearing that white sequined jumpsuit, and those fake pork-chop sideburns. The plane landed in Las Vegas of all places, where Jack caught a connecting flight to Dallas.Elvis Presley - There's A Reason People Keep Seeing Him Everywhere

According to instructions, he was to go nowhere near his brother, much less anyone else that he knew.

The flight landed in Dallas, and Jack exited the flight. The plane ride had been bad enough, what with the people craning their necks, and the old lady sitting next to him who happened to be a big Elvis fan, but the people in the Dallas airport snickered and laughed as he strode by. Although he didn’t like being the recipient of so much attention, he realized that there was one good thing about his costume; he had no problem getting a cab.

Jack arrived at the warehouse with little time to spare. Soon enough he found the door that the homeless people had forced open. When he found them in the back, he understood why they had been unable to get out. All five homeless men were passed out in their respective comforts, with their favorite bottles of cheap wine held close to their bodies. For a moment, Jack figured that they might be better off dead, and then he commenced dragging them out of the place one at a time.

As soon as he had dragged the last one out, Jack ran from the building in the opposite direction to where he had instructed the cab driver to wait. As badly as he wanted to go to warn his brother, he realized that it was too late as he saw the flames licking skyward from the far side of the warehouse.

The shots that he heard sounded distant, and he heard no cry for help. The cab driver stared at him as he jumped in the back seat of the taxi. Jack realized he was crying, “Just drive man.”

Copyright © 1994-2012, Joseph Wooldridge

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Mention this Blog Post, Save Twenty Bucks (Keyword “Smoothride”)

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ON THE IMPORTANCE OF RELATIONSHIPS: I have learned many things since starting up the MyJoeCard network in 2003. Perhaps more than anything, I have learned to appreciate small business owners in America. My success as a small business owner depends on their success – and the lackluster economy has not been helpful or kind to small businesses across the board. Indeed the marketing and advertising industries have been in an accelerating pace of constant flux.  How people get their news and information is continually morphing – as are the ways in which small businesses are able to reach the consumer.  One of my main goals in starting MyJoeCard.Com back then was to build a network where consumers can easily shop for the things they want and need – in a ‘Go Green’ and ‘Shop Local’ format that would allow businesses to be found easily. I figured that if I can help enough people get where they are going, then I can get where I am going.

It follows that I have developed many strong, long-term relationships with Kansas City area small business owners as a consumer as well. In a world that has scores of ‘Daily Deals’, limited-time specials and coupon mailers impacting B2C industries, I have been lucky enough to have developed a relationship with an auto repair shop – and more importantly – my CAR developed a relationship with them as well.

Today’s blog post highlights the importance of finding a quality automotive repair shop (in this case, Smith Specialty Automotive) and developing a relationship with them. Instead of browsing for automotive deals at a myriad of different repair shops, I started getting to know Dave, Keith, Tom, Kellee and the rest of the crew at Smith Specialty.

I am proud to drive an older (paid for) car and I have been fortunate to realize the long-term savings and cost-benefits of having a consistently-serviced and maintained auto. Without that relationship, I think my car would have died a few years ago. These guys have taken great care of my car, have been consistent in maintaining it – and there is no doubt in my mind that quality service and maintenance by a quality auto repair shop has saved me a bundle AND extended the life of my car.  BOO-YAH!

So Dave, this post goes out to you (and Smith Specialty Automotive).

Dear reader, if you are interested in experiencing quality automotive repair on a consistent basis by highly trained and experienced professionals (and the overall cost benefits and extended life of your car), then I recommend calling Dave Smith at Smith Specialty Automotive.  His phone number is (913) 393-0700, or contact him by email:

If you mention this blog post when you take your car in for service and repair at Smith Specialty Automotive, Dave will give you a $20 ‘repeat customer’ coupon that you can use on your car’s second visit.  After two visits to Smith Specialty Automotive, I believe you will find a ‘home’ for your car – and take the mystery and guessing out of maintaining your car.

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Providence Rolling (New Poem from July 8, 2011)

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Providence Rolling

Angel exuding light
Angel exuding Glorious Light

A Golden Age is coming
For me, for you – for us.
Gone are bad things and bad ways,
Bad habits are miles back.

Can’t you hear the ringing?
In your ears – Angels singing
Praise upon praise of effervescent Glory
Coming this way now.

The future’s bright sun rises up the road
Meeting our shining eyes and bright faces
Expectant we are – as all is found
All is Saved, Heaven! This way!

Oh don’t you dare think you’re dreaming child,
It is served up here and there,
All planes and all lanes, panes and facets
Providence rolling for the World.

Joe Wooldridge
Friday, July 8th, 2011 at 3:54am.

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Midnight In Paris, A Pedantic Movie Review

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Midnight In Paris
Midnight In Paris

“Midnight In Paris”

Oh Dear Reader, I must admit that this is my first Woody Allen movie experience (at least that I am aware of).  I had no expectations other than the fact that any pretzels consumed during the movie would most likely “Make Me Thirsty”.  Now that I’m over myself, on to the review.

This movie was excellent. Taken in as all movies should be, with little or no knowledge of what lies ahead, and therefore no expectation of the movie in any way.  All I knew was:

  1. The Title,
  2. That it was a Woody Allen movie, and
  3. That Owen Wilson was in it.

Casting was A+, character development was above adequate.  Dialogue was superb.  Acting was engaging and artful.  Setting was hard to beat (Paris, France).

I’ll not be a spoiler for you.  I’ll just say that if you are well-rounded, well-read and/or well-traveled (as in Paris, France) – then you will be able to more fully appreciate all that is offered here.  Not a delight for the dullards.

If you like romance?  This is a great choice.  Grab a date.  If you’re in love, or would like to be – then go see this one.

Movie Rating: 4.5 Stars (out of five)

Rating Justification: Excellent Movie.  It wasn’t over-done.  It wasn’t lacking. It was served up masterfully.  Old Man Allen delivered a masterpiece.  I’m not sure if I am compelled to see all of his other works, or scared that they won’t measure up?  Somewhere in between, I’m thinking.

Midnight In Paris
Romance In Paris

Theater Review: Cinemark “The Palace” at the Plaza

Cinemark The Palace at The Plaza
526 Nichols Rd.
Kansas City, MO 64112

A Saturday Night Showing (10:00pm).  Parking Garage was close enough.  Good thing I didn’t get vertigo circling up to the 5th level.  No matter. Experiencing Kansas City’s Country Club Plaza on a summer night is a beautiful thing (barring any twitter ‘flash mobs’).

  • Seats: “A” for Comfort
  • Popcorn: “B-” for standard fare.
  • Crowd: “A” well behaved, no one kicking the seat. No talkers.  No milk duds hitting the screen.
  • Special Note: Warning: This movie may make you nostalgic, and also may make you want to visit or relocate to Paris, France.

Peace Out.


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Get A Google Voice Phone Number

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Get A Google Voice Phone Number . . . Isn’t it time?

Get Google Voice! It's Powerful, Cool, and Free.
Google Voice Rocks

This morning I set out to slay a tech dragon, in this case to ‘figure out’ how to sign up for Google Voice and set it up in an optimal way for my needs.

Hooray! It was quite simple.

  1. Google Voice is free (and awesome).
  2. You may choose a new phone number in the area code of your choice.
  3. You can set up your ‘Google Voice’ telephone number to ‘auto’ forward to any (or all) of your phones.
  4. Also, Google Voice can ring up to six total phone numbers (land lines or cell phones) simultaneously.

To use Google Voice, and get a Google Voice telephone number, first you have to setup and activate your new Google Voice account.

Here’s How To Get Set Up:

  1. Go to the Google Voice homepage (here)
  2. Login with your email address & password (click “Sign In”). NOTE: If you do not have a Google account yet, then get one! Select “create an account” enter the required info to open your free Google account.
  3. Click on the “I want a new number” button to get setup with a Google Voice phone number.
  4. Enter your area code you want and then click “Search Numbers”. NOTE: You can search for numbers by zip code as well.
  5. Pick your new Google Voice telephone number from the list, then click “continue”.
    Enter (and confirm) a four-digit PIN code (used to access your Google Voice account). Click the “I Agree” box for terms of service and click “Continue”.
  6. Enter the phone number (your home? cell? work?) that you want your Google Voice number to be forwarded to. Click “Continue”.
  7. Click on “call me now”. Google Voice will call you at your number. You’ll need to answer that phone and enter the two-digit security code that is displayed (This allows Google Voice to confirm that you owner the forwarded phone number). Click on “Done”.
  8. Congrats! You’re in business! You have a new Google Voice number and have successfully completed setting up your new Google Voice account.
Get A Google Voice Number Today!
Get A Google Voice Number Today!

Hope this all helps.

Peace Out!


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Aarghh!! Pirates of the Carribean 4 Review

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Penelope Cruz, Pirate Extraordinaire
Pirate Muse of The Carribean

“On Stranger Tides”

Fun, campy, expectant.  For ten bucks you get to see Penelope Cruz running around in pirate outfits – which is a deal ALL BY ITSELF.  Throw in the sets , the scenery, the costumes, the actors and *Wham-Kbam* . . . . you’ve got a bargain.

Depp’s Captain Jack Sparrow is exactly what you’ve come to expect, which is enough to make you not care that you’re perpetuating a franchise.  Older kids can enjoy this, it is not too suggestive or violent (although today’s kids are growing up with a serious handicap of non-preparedness for a rough world).

Movie Rating: 3.5 Stars (out of five)

Rating Justification: They didn’t screw it up.  It was exactly what you expected, which was great.  If they would have been a bit more creative with the mermaids, I’d have easily given it four stars.  Anyone who writes a bad review of this movie suffers from a bad case of divergence.  Seriously, you know what it is going in.  It is done well, the cast is great.  If you’re griping then you’re lame.  If you’re picking it apart, then you’re just sad.

Theater Review: AMC Studio 30

A Saturday Night Showing (7:40pm).  Parking Lot was MAD PACKED.  Evocative of Arrowhead in the Derrick Thomas – Neil Smith Heyday.  Sadly no bar-b-que.  I park on the north forty and jogged a quarter of a mile to get to the theatre.

Seats: “A” for Comfy

Popcorn: “C” for expensive, salty, butter-flavored cardboard.

Crowd: “A” well behaved, no one kicking the seat. No talkers.  No milk duds hitting the screen.

Special Note: Stay after the credits and you get an extra scene of Penelope Cruz on the deserted island.

Peace Out.


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An Attitude of Gratitude

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Dear Reader, From wherever my sister Laurel learned about the “Attitude of Gratitude”, I have to share some of the wisdom.

No matter that the economy is down, or things are tough, or you had a bad day. Our problems are largely not that we have it so bad – but that our perspective is skewed.

This never fails to help me smile and be more grateful for all that I have been blessed with. But seriously, start thinking of all of the great things that the Lord gave you. There are plenty. Write them down. List them. Start with your health.

Had a bad day? Need to put your mind at ease so that you can rest? Try a Gratitude Journal (thank you Laurel, again). Its easy. Just write down at least five things that you are grateful for at the end of the day as you are going to bed. It could be anything!

For instance:

  1. I’m grateful that I made it home safe today.
  2. I’m grateful that I had something to eat today.
  3. I’m grateful that this day is OVER.
  4. I’m grateful for the ability to help others.
  5. I’m grateful to have a roof over my head as I lay down to sleep.

Chances are, if you are able to read this blog post, then you have at least five things that you can list in a Gratitude Journal.

Give it a try!  It has helped me many times.

Peace out.


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Fridays ~ Mystify

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Good Lord, Fridays are easier to embrace.  Even as a business owner / entrepreneur – when the sun never sets on your workday – the feeling that greets on Friday morn is a winning one.

Blast from the Past / Mix CD / Shower Song: “Mystify” by INXS
(view at YouTube by clicking here)

Synopsis: INXS rocks a song from “back in the day”.

Video Location: Kansas City.


All veils and misty streets of blue
Almond looks that chill divine
Some silken moment Goes on forever
And we’re leaving broken hearts behind

Mystify, Mystify me
Mystify, Mystify me

I need perfection, some twisted selection
That tangles me, to keep me alive

In all that exists, none have your beauty
I see your face, and I will survive

Eternally wild with the power
To make every moment come alive
All those stars that shine upon you
Will kiss you every night

All veils and misty streets of blue
Almond looks that chill divine
Some silken moment goes on forever
And we’re leaving – Yeah we’re leaving broken hearts behind

You’re eternally wild with the power
To make every moment come alive
All those stars that shine upon you
And they’ll kiss you every night

Mystify, Mystify me
Mystify, Mystify me

Note: all INXS music, images, and lyrics are property and copyright of their owners.
music, images, and lyrics provided for educational purposes and personal use only.

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