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Save on healthcare costs with HCCR

Something New – and It Saved Me A Lot of Money

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Save on healthcare costs with HCCRA new thing. A new idea – and a company that is working hard to bring something good to America/The World. I decided to check it out for myself.

First, I’ll give you the straightforward ‘guts’ of something new that I tried, how it worked and how much it saved me on a doctor’s visit – then I’ll give an overview of the concept and company as I see it.

  1. I joined HCCR, then went to my most recent doctor’s appointment (and it was my primary care physician) and saved a significant amount of money (over $70 from the “deal” I thought I was getting) on my visit.
  2. When I arrived for the appt at my doctor’s office in Olathe, I showed the receptionist my HCCR member card and they were glad to see me – and glad to see that I was an HCCR member (more on this later).
  3. I was seen by my doctor and received excellent service.
  4. As I was paying for my visit on the way out – the office clerk noted that I am an  HCCR member and gave me their ‘lowest cost’ rate (which was lower than medicare or medicaid – or any rate that would be charged to an insurance company). I saved over seventy bucks on the spot. YES!

How cool is that?!!

So, of course, with any new ‘idea’ that comes along the mind wonders “really? how can this be? why would they want to give me this ‘lowest cost’ rate?”

Its really not rocket science – in fact its not even insurance! Doctors and dentists have an expensive headache on their hands every time they have to deal with an insurance company to get paid. There are a myriad of costly and time-consuming games/hassles that insurance companies utilize to try to keep from paying healthcare providers:

  • delays (four months? eight months?),
  • push-backs (“this isn’t covered”),
  • charge-backs (“we changed our mind about whether this is covered”)
  • extensive paperwork and processing

By the time a doctor/dentists gets paid through the insurance company – through the delays and extended processing expenses – they realize a substantial reduction of their compensation.

In other words, they make MORE MONEY if they just have a patient uses HCCR and pays cash on the spot. Makes sense.

Still don’t believe it? Well, then how about a 100% satisfaction guarantee? Heck, what if you could try it for FREE for six months? Well, Go Ahead – try out HCCR for free for six months. NO COST.

  1. Go to
  2. Use coupon code “MYJOE” and get 6 months for free.

Signing up was easy and it didn’t require any financial information. You’ll get an email confirmation with your access code, and your HCCR member card will arrive in the mail within a day or two.

MY EXPERIENCE: I took a moment and went to their website and signed up for a membership with HCCR (Healthcare Cost Revolution). The next day I received my membership card in the mail. From there I was able to login at the website and check out the list of providers (over 60 local quality, board certified doctors that can treat virtually anything that might be wrong with a person, and dentists with over 20 years of experienced) and a list of local pharmacies where I would received very healthy discount prices on all medications.

What I really liked was seeing my primary care physician – who I have been using for over 12 years – on the list. Very cool.

MY ADVICE: Try it out. It is worthwhile. How many new things come along and actually save you money on quality healthcare?

This program is a “must” for anyone not covered by health insurance, and it’s also a perfect fit for H.S.A. users and those with high deductibles.  With the HCCR membership a patient can get their needed and/or uncovered care at the lowest possible prices.  H.S.A. users simply pay for the service with their H.S.A. card and the cost applies to the deductible.  Those with high-deductible (catastrophic) policies can use the membership to keep costs to a minimum for all uncovered, (prior to the deductible being reached) care.  This could save someone usually at least 50% on all their uncovered healthcare bills prior to the deductible being reached. HUGE!

Ideas are powerful things. When a new idea is ready and it is brought forth – then LOOK OUT! To quote Victor Hugo “An invasion of armies can be resisted; an invasion of ideas cannot be resisted.” See full quote here.

I’m confident you will be impressed with your experience – and you will love saving money at the doctor, the dentist and the pharmacy. Additionally, HCCR is a locally-owned Kansas City area company – so you’ll also be shopping local!


P.S. Their site says “Disponible en español,” . . . so I believe they service spanish-speaking people as well.

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