An Attitude of Gratitude

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Dear Reader, From wherever my sister Laurel learned about the “Attitude of Gratitude”, I have to share some of the wisdom.

No matter that the economy is down, or things are tough, or you had a bad day. Our problems are largely not that we have it so bad – but that our perspective is skewed.

This never fails to help me smile and be more grateful for all that I have been blessed with. But seriously, start thinking of all of the great things that the Lord gave you. There are plenty. Write them down. List them. Start with your health.

Had a bad day? Need to put your mind at ease so that you can rest? Try a Gratitude Journal (thank you Laurel, again). Its easy. Just write down at least five things that you are grateful for at the end of the day as you are going to bed. It could be anything!

For instance:

  1. I’m grateful that I made it home safe today.
  2. I’m grateful that I had something to eat today.
  3. I’m grateful that this day is OVER.
  4. I’m grateful for the ability to help others.
  5. I’m grateful to have a roof over my head as I lay down to sleep.

Chances are, if you are able to read this blog post, then you have at least five things that you can list in a Gratitude Journal.

Give it a try!  It has helped me many times.

Peace out.


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3 thoughts on “An Attitude of Gratitude”

  1. Well hello Joseph ;)

    My gratitude journal is continuously running in my head as I go about my day.

    Lately, an attitude of gratitude is really what helps me to be able to put one foot in front of the other and get through the day…

    A day that I am grateful to have experienced knowing that:

    my children are safe; many, many people love me; my bills are paid; old wounds are healing; new friendships are forming; love is blooming; understanding is becoming; help is arriving…

    And piece by piece a space is being created, so that I might feel completely surrounded by a peace so pure, white, misty, fluffy and comforting.

    This peace has been with me all along. I was born with it inside my heart. And it is up to me to transform it’s presence to surround me with presents of the present moment. Yes, indeed, what I’ve been looking for I’ve had all along.

    Luckily, my ruby red slippers are still on my feet! Now…where…did I put my magic wand…? Oh yes, here it is :) It was here in my heart all along ;)

    Merry Christmas!

    And Thank You for your words:)


    1. Awesome! Keeping the right frame of mind takes some maintenance and effort – but I find it is well worth it. Merry Christmas to you!

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