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Texas-Rain-2011“Fly! Angel, Fly!”

Pulling down from the Heavens,
Drawing down from the skies,
Glorious blue orbs of Life,
Tears of the Angel to quench our thirst,
Soft bullets of peace to fill the rivers,
Passionate, cleansing curtain to wring us new.

Propelled by thunder,
Powered by lightning,
Driven by myriad winds,
Swollen armies of the battle above,
Raging to give us fresh blood,
Delivering us from yesterday.

Joe Wooldridge
June 18, 2011 3:56am

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5 thoughts on “Onward”

    1. Hello Penne, thank you very much. I’ve been a poet for 23 years and have written primarily for the joy of the craft of putting words together. There is magic to it!

  1. A bit curious to peak inside… as piqued I was… so upon doing so, decided to place a scroll inside the bottle and cast it out…
    I am appreciative of your stylings, your word mosaics, your lack of iambic pentameter (which is not to say that I don’t also have an unbearable fondness for the iambic pentameter)… your beat…style.
    I, too, have sewn…forced…blended…spackled words together – the epiphanies that may be derived from free association are reassuring to say the least… perhaps not as therapeutic as a blind, purging rant… or maybe more so. ;)
    there is magic indeed… may it soothe what needs soothing, and provide enlightenment where it chooses.

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